8-Pocket Portable Literature Floor Stand with Case, Mesh 8.5 x 11 Pockets – Gray


Magazine Display Silver Mesh with 8 Pockets

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This magazine display is easy to set-up in just seconds. No extra tools needed to complete the assembly process. The literature rack, also known as a magazine display has eight pockets for more literature display capabilities. The pockets are elastic, thereby keeping catalogs and other reading materials securely situated. The magazine display can hold a wide array of information such as catalogs, publications, brochures, and various other types of literature. This brochure stand is perfect for use at a tradeshow or convention as it is extremely portable and takes up very little floor space. A pamphlet holder, such as this magazine display is easily set up by merely unrolling it and attaching the tension rod. One person can easily set this stand up in two minutes or less.

This magazine display is made of durable silver mesh. Each pocket on these literature racks is big enough to fit a standard sized catalog. We sell this magazine display with sewn in metal rods between the pockets to keep the literature rack standing nicely and help keep its taut, professional appearance. The metal accents on this catalog stand also add to the overall stability of the unit. These magazine displays also come with a silver tension pole to keep the brochure dispenser standing firmly in place. We sell this pamphlet rack with a slip resistant metal base piece so that fixture is sure to stay in place. The literature stand, also known as a magazine display, has a metal bar on the top and bottom that connect the tension pole to the metal footing piece. Place this catalog rack in a lobby or office waiting room to offer reading material to your patrons or patients. This magazine display also comes with a convenient carrying bag to make portability and storage a cinch!

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