12-foot Soft Daylight LED Line


Voltage Tape-Rope Hybrid 2 Light Kit, Wet Location



Enjoy soft daylight illumination indoors or outdoors with this tape-rope light kit. This 12-foot long tape-rope light is dimmable and may be linked with other tape-rope light sections to create custom lighting designs. This tape-rope light has a flexible rubber housing and a clear PVC lens protected with a UV inhibitor for added durability in outdoor environments.
What’s Included?

Complete Plug-In Kit: includes 12ft reel of soft daylight, high output, LED hybrid-2 tape-rope light; a plug-in, 120-volt, 5-foot power cord with inverter and a fused, polarized plug; and one mounting clip per foot of tape-rope.
Color Temperature Variance: note that color temperature can vary slightly for different sizes of tape-rope hybrid kits.

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

Jumper Cables: available in 3 lengths: 3ft, 6ft, and 15ft. These cables electrically link two sections together over a short distance or around corners.
3-Foot Mounting Track: available in either plastic or aluminum

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