Table Runner

Table Runners Will Add A Great Touch of Elegance To Any Tablescape

Table runners are designed to compliment your table settings and there are no guidelines or rules for how a table runner should be used. People will be fluid with their designs when using table runners and can be used for both formal and casual events alike. Table runners may be placed vertically or horizontally on the table for a completely different look.

Give Your Table Some Style Using Table Runners

Table runners are available with square ends or pointed ends or the choice of one end square and one end pointed. The pointed ends can be made by folding the two corners underneath and also stitching them in place. This gives them a straighter edge versus cutting the fabric to a point. The options for square ends or pointed ends are offered in each product which you will see once you make your selection.

What Size Table Runner Do I Need?

A very common question that gets asked is, “What is the right size table runner?”. In order to figure out your runner length you will first need to know how long of a drop you will want on your table runners. This means, depending on your design, how far do you want them to hang over the side of the table.

So, for example, let’s assume that you have an 8 foot table and you would like a table runner to drop 12 inches on either end. So if your table is 8 feet long (96 inches) and you would like your runner to drop 12 inches on both ends of the table, your table runner would need to be 120 inches in length (96 + 12 + 12 = 120 inches long). So thats all good for a runner that is running the length of the table. Now if you want your runner to run across the table in the center and your 8 foot banquet table is 30 inches in depth, and you would like a drop of 15 inches on either side, then your table runner would need to be 54 inches in length (30 + 12 + 12 = 54 inches).