Arrow/Spinner Signs – A Low Cost Way To Promote Your Business

Point your new customers towards your business, real estate sale or event and with a highly visible, lightweight and durable arrow/spinner sign. Hire a friend to play air guitar or artistically swing, flip and point this effective advertising arrow to attract attention and you will get a ton of attention! Directional signs are the low cost alternative to large scale advertisement. Made of extra durable 1/2″ thick corrugated plastic with full color printing. Arrow/spinner signs are laminated for long term outdoor use and are made with fade resistant UV inks.

Arrow/Spinner Signs Will Drive More Traffic To Your Business

Avoid expensive city permits and sign regulations when it comes to advertising for your company. Custom arrow signs are a cost effective way for your small business to promote itself. Lightweight and inexpensive, human arrow signs are a great alternative to a large scale advertisement or billboard. Arrow signs will increase visibility and drive in more foot traffic to your store or office. These arrow spinners are also ideal for promoting your brand or products to pedestrians and cars driving by. Many companies have reported substantial increases in sales after using arrow sign spinners. These custom arrow signs are made of coroplast making them extremely durable, resistant to stains, waterproof, and very lightweight.

Avoid City Permits and Sign Regulations By Using Human Arrow Signs

Arrow/spinner signs are affordable and you can forget about city permits and sign regulations. Human directional signs are widely used, especially in areas of the city that have a lot of pedestrian foot traffic, but even in places that have a great deal of automotive traffic. These directional arrow signs are the biggest and most durable you will find anywhere. Arrow/spinner signs are the best for getting attention along roadsides. These custom designed arrow signs always include a powerful “call to action” message that will be sure to get more people in your door. These arrow signs were designed for success. You will have the perfect sign made to your liking that will be effective out on the streets. These signs are professional grade, full color and built to last.