Portable Podiums are Perfect for Traveling and Easy to Setup and Take Down

What makes trade show counters different from standard folding tables and floor-standing fixtures? These portable podiums are meant specifically for implementation during conventions and are designed for the traveling associated with such events. The trade show counters are sold in all sorts of sizes and can be used as individual display accessories or in groups. These trade show podiums, which are also known as display counters, can be used to complement an exhibit or can be the main focal point within an exhibition. Why not use these floor-standing fixtures to serve refreshments or to present product samples? These trade show counters can also be used to share literature, while keeping a visitor’s attention towards the items and services being presented.

Podiums Can Be Used For All Types of Applications

These portable counters allow users the ability to connect with clients on a more balanced plane. Typically, presenters sit behind folding tables which they wait and require guests to approach them. These trade show podiums force exhibitors to be on their feet within an exhibit, making them more approachable and therefore more effective at their jobs. These portable podiums position each person at an equal level while conversing. Not only can the kiosks showcase product replicas, but the displays also work well as checkout stands. Why not apply these portable podiums as a location to close a sales deal? The counters are at the perfect height for signing paperwork, yet keep the interaction casual, friendly and positive.

Stand Out from the Competition With A Display Counter

In order to be successful during a convention, a user must differentiate his exhibits from the competition. In truth, many of that success will come from the interaction with customers and how the items or services are presented. Was the exhibitor friendly, approachable and easy to speak with? Was the information needed to make a decision simple to find and understand? Due to the simplistic design, separate literature compartments, and positive atmosphere generated, these portable counters also improve the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. As mentioned before, it is important to make guests feel like equals within trade show booths or exhibits. Guests will not feel intimidated by exhibitors seated behind a folding table, but rather confident that they are amicable, sociable, and willing to answers inquiries. Not only will this make an overall presentation more memorable, but it will also give users more options for creating eye-catching exhibits.