Generate eye-catching displays for your company with backlighting. Lit up transparency graphics can create a deep impact keeping your thoughts active for quite a long time in your audiences’ heads. The backlighting of white see-through or colored panels, w ith or without design, creates a stunning visual effect, particularly when there’s hardly any light in the space. Backlighting impervious items can generate a modern appearance that helps audiences identify your company with intelligence and innovation. Our backlights include many variations.

Types of Backlighting

Backlit screens are built using light boxes or are usually composed of light strips put behind opaque things such as company names. We have linkable LED strips for most backlighting needs as well. These linear LED strip fixtures have simple linking connections that work well with multifaceted backlighting applications. Simply link the lights end-to-end for straight lines or make use of flexible connectors for gaps or jumps. Bump your lighting mission up a notch with our dimmable LED strips backlights, which enable you to set the mood in your space.
Our LED backlights come in two main varieties: RGB LED and white LED backlights.
Backlighting opaque items can help in bringing a halo effect that draws attention to borders and the contour of the screen. Lightboxes illuminate signs that are see-through, making your graphics glow magnificently.

Types of Light Source

Generally, there are three primary kinds of light sources used for these backlighting displays: LED, Fluorescent, and xenon. Others include an electroluminescent panel or ELP, and incandescent bulbs.
LED and fluorescent lamps are extremely efficient and operate cooler than xenon lamps. However, that might be significant as well since your light source will be placed close to the item you want to illuminate. The l ight source determines dim ability as well, to some substantial extent: It’s not impossible to dim all three light sources. However, with LED and fluorescent lamps, additional gear is needed so it should be thoroughly considered before a decision is taken.

How to prevent “hot spots.”

The perfect backlit screen for an advertising promotion, sign, photography, or display exhibit b oard has constant lighting without any “hot spots.” To fix this, you may paint the “cavity” which is behind the item being shown, a matte white color. Doing so will help disseminate the light.
Also, if you are making use of a lighted box, it is best to attempt to “conceal” the linear lights around the borders and supply some kind of opaque shield, if possible, to ensure that light cannot go directly from your backlights through the see-through panel. If your light fixtures should be set right behind the see-through panel to light it sufficiently, then place a plastic diffuser between the panel and the lights.
Our collection can fit any particular spot in both a home or in a shop/office. In the home, alcoves are an excellent spot of backlighting. Cabinets can also benefit from this unique design to change the mood in the room easily. Other screens and displays around the office or home can be ideal spots for backlighting as well. For exemplary signs, call Vip Sign and Print today!